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Granada - Discussion of The Foundation of S. Joseph's Convent at Granada



            AT GRANADA

      By the Ven. Mother Anne of Jesus


   Account of the Monastery 

           of S. Joseph

            at Granada

        January 20, 1582
        On the feast of Saints 
            Fabian and Sebastian

   Envisioning a Foundation at Granada

        Mother Anne's Perspective

   Preparations and Arrangements

   The Foundation of Granada
                 January 20, 1582

            Poverty of  Spirit
            The Fruits of the Convent

   Relocation to a new House
                 August 1582

       New Nuns enter Carmel

   A Further Relocation 
            of the Convent

   Mother Anne of Jesus 
   Dona Ana de Penalosa



[The above  Drawing is from: 
"St Teresa of Jesus of the Order
     of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
   embracing The Life , Relations, 
    Maxims, and Foundations"
Edited by John J. Burke, C.S.P.
from www.books.google.com]

   Account of the Monastery 

            of S. Joseph

            at Granada

        January 20, 1582
        On the feast of Saints 
              Fabian and Sebastian

       "That of  Granada was made
          by Anne of Jesus
           with the help of S. John of the Cross,

          S. Teresa,
           being at the time,
              unable to make the journey
           because of the foundation
              to be made in Burgos."
                     [Foundations: Introduction ]

      "At the request of Father Gratian,
            then Provincial 
            of the Discalced Carmelites,
        Anne of Jesus wrote 
            the following account
            of the foundation of Granada.                      


  Envisioning a Foundation at Granada

     Sister Anne of  Jesus  seems 
         to be referring to
              October 1581 
        which would have been
             "four years since".

      "In October eighty-five
         it was four years since       
      Father Diego 
         of the Blessed Trinity   
      "...Prior of Seville and
       Vicar-Provincial of Andalucia..."

       "he began speaking seriously
             about our coming to Granada"

       - that "…many 
               of the most prominent persons
          as well as some wealthy young ladies
               of good family
               - desired a foundation
               -  oftered substantial donations.        
                  [ Foundations: Granada: #2
                  & Foot Note #1 -Anne of Jesus]

       - "that the Licentiate Laguna,
               auditor at the Court of Granada,
              Father (Gaspar) Salazar
                  of the Society of Jesus,
              had promised him privately
                  to obtain the license 
                  of the archbishop.
                  [ Foundations: Granada: #3
                     - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]  

  Mother Anne's  Perspective

     Her concerns         

          Questionable reliability 
                  of promises of help

           "It seemed to me
             that it was only his own good faith
             that made him believe 
                  in their promised help;

            ...I thought
            - their offer an empty compliment,
            - that they would do nothing"

        ▪  Difficulty in obtaining permission

              "nor would the archbishop…

               "Don Juan Mendez de Salvatierra,
                archbishop of Granada since 1576"
                     [Granada: Foot note #2 ]
                 grant permission for a convent
                     founded in poverty"

        Granada was very poor at that time
              "...there were already so many other
              (monasteries and religious orders)
                which could hardly maintain themselves,
              as Granada had lately been laid waste,
               the harvest had failed for several years"
                                   [ Foundations: Granada: #3
                                                  - Ven. Anne of Jesus ] 


          "I earnestly commended it to God
            and begged the sisters to ask Him for light
           whether the foundation should be made.

            His Majesty gave us
                to understand very clearly
             - that we were to expect
                   neither human aid
                   nor favour,
             - but that we ought to found the house,
                   confiding in His providence
                as we had already done elsewhere
                   under similar circumstances,
            - that He
                   -- would take care of it and
                   -- would be greatly served in it.

           This came to me after Communion
           when the Father Visitor had been at Veas
               for three weeks
            urging the foundation of the convent.
                                        [ Foundations: Granada: #4
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ] 

     Consultation with her Confessor,
               Father John of the Cross

           “that I may tell him as my confessor
               what God has made known to me.'
                                        [ Foundations: Granada: #5
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]        

   Preparations and Arrangements

        Obtaining a License 
              for a Granada Convent
           from the Provincial
           of the Discalced Carmelites,

              13th November 1581
                                            [ Foundations: Granada:
                                              Foot Note #3  ]

              “Father John thought
                we should acquaint Father Visitor
                  so that he might write to your paternity
                    (Father Jerome Gratian)
                  for the license.

                The matter was decided
                   on that very same day

                …to the great joy
                   of the fathers and
                   of the whole community
                who knew that the foundation
                    had been decided upon.
                                        [ Foundations: Granada: #5
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ] 

                 Fr Gratian”…granted all our requests,
                   leaving to our holy Mother
                        the choice of the nuns
                   whom we considered requisite.
                                        [ Foundations: Granada: #6
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

        Writing to Mother Teresa of Jesus

                   “We wrote to our holy Mother
                       Teresa of Jesus”
                     (who was in Avila)

         Arranging for Nuns for the new consvent

                   “begging that four nuns might be sent
                      from Castille
                    for the new foundation
                      which we asked her
                              to come
                              and make herself
                    as we felt confident of its success.”

        Arranging for the Fathers to accompany them
                    On the journey to Granada

                  “We also arranged
                    that Father John of the Cross
                       with another religious
                    should go and meet the nuns,
                       taking all that was required for them
                    on their journey.
                                       [ Foundations: Granada: #6
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

          Father Diego of the Blessed Trinity
             goes ahead to Granada  
                 "...Prior of Seville and
                      Vicar-Provincial of Andalusia..."

                  the Father Vicar Provincial,
                     Diego of the Trinity,
                  went to Granada...                   
                      - to obtain some fulfillment
                            of  the promises made him
         - to get the license 
                from the archbishop.
                                      [ Foundations: Granada: # 9
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

                     - ...to hire any house he could,
                          so that we might enter,
                        as the nuns had now arrived
                           from Castille."
                                [ Foundations: Granada: # 10
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

 Obtaining a House

            "...two of the senior auditors,
                  Don Luis de Mercado
                  the Licentiate Laguna...
                                      [ Foundations: Granada: # 10]
              helped the Father secretly
              and managed to persuade
                     a magistrate of the city
               to let a house to us.
                                      [ Foundations: Granada: # 11
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

             But Later
             “the person
               who had let the house to Father Vicar
                       which we were to enter,
                       his promise
                   the agreement made with
                        Don Luis de Mercado and
                         the Licentiate Laguna,
              alleging that he had not known
                  it was to be rented for a convent;

                  ...and refused to be influenced
                        by our two friends
                  though they offered him
                       fifty thousand ducats security."
                                  [ Foundations: Granada: # 17
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       Dona Ana de Peilalosa offers her home

              "Don Luis de Mercado said 
                          to his sister,
                  Dona Ana de Peilalosa...                [11]
                  'Sister, as these nuns are already
                          on their way,
                   it would be a good thing
                   if we
                     - could offer them hospitality
                           in our own house
                    - were to give them a room
                         until they can find some corner
                       in which to shelter themselves.'
                                   [ Foundations: Granada: # 17
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

                    This excellent lady...
                     immediately set to work to
                         prepare her house and
                        get everything ready
                      for the chapel and
                      for our lodging.

                    She gave us very good accommodation
                       although the space was limited,
                     the house being small.
                             [ Foundations: Granada: # 18
                                                 - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]          

 Journey to Granada

     Obstacles to their travel

         - Severe storm,  
         - the bad state of the roads,
         - the devil's anger at their plans 
               for the Convent, and
         - the illness of Mother Anne of Jesus

         "I heard a loud outcry
             of confused shouts
          which appeared to me
             to come from devils
                who were very angry
          because a messenger was coming
             with a letter telling us
                  to go to Granada.

          While I was thinking this,
           the noise grew so loud
           that I became faint and feeling ill."
                       [ Foundations: Granada: # 12
                                  - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

     The Sisters Arrive at Beas
         December 8, 1581

        The nuns that were selected
        for the founding of the Convent 
            at Granada:
       From Avila

          Mother Mary of Christ
          Sister Antonia of the Holy Ghost

       From Toledo
            Sister Beatriz of Jesus
                           [ Foundations: Granada: #  7
                                   - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

      From Beas

           Anne of Jesus
                 as the future prioress
           Beatrice of S. Michael,
           Eleanor Bautista of Jesus and
           Lucy of S. Joseph;

      From Seville

           Mary of Jesus and
           Mary of S. Paul
                     [ Foundations: Granada: #  7
                               - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       Two lay sisters
           from Villanueva de la Jara
         were sent back because of
                lack of  "sufficient means
                nor the necessary accommodation
                         for so many nuns...
          on the advice
               of the Vicar-provincial and
               of S. John of the  Cross"
                     [ Foundations: Granada: 
                             Foot Note #6 ]

      St. Teresa could not come, herself

         "Her Reverence could not come herself
               as she was just leaving
         for the foundation of Burgos
              which took place at the same time.

         ...she would not herself
              found the house at Granada
         because she believed
         (that) God wished me
              to undertake the work."                  
                           [ Foundations: Granada: # 7
                                        - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

        "It seemed to me impossible
                 to undertake any foundation
          without her reverence,

          so I was distressed
             on the feast of the Conception
                of our Lady
          the sisters arrived at Veas without her.

          ...she wished she could have come
          but that our great God
            had otherwise ordained;

          She felt quite certain
          -- that I should manage matters
                perfectly well at Granada
          -- that His Majesty 
                would help me greatly"     
                           [ Foundations: Granada: #  8
                                         - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

  Arrival at Granada to the house
          of  Dona Ana de Peilalosa

     20th January 1582

      "We arrived there                          
        on the feast of Saints 
            Fabian and Sebastian
        at three o'clock in the morning,
            this being the most suitable hour
        as we wished to keep the matter secret.
                     [ Foundations: Granada: # 18
                                   - Ven. Anne of Jesus ] 

       ...we sang Laudate Dominum        
           overjoyed at seeing the chapel
       which she had prepared for us 

       although as we had no licence
             from the archbishop
       I begged them to close it;

       I also asked 
            the friars and the Father Vicar   
       ...not even to think
            of ringing a bell
            of saying mass
                  either publicly or privately
          until we had the consent 
                  of the archbishop"  
                           [ Foundations: Granada: # 19
                                        - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       "Anne of Jesus spent the rest 
           of the night in
                 finishing the decoration
                     of the chapel and
                 preparing it for Mass"
                                [ Foundations: Granada:
                                             Foot Note # 13 ]

    Obtaining the Archbishop's Permission

      Previously the archbishop had refused
           to give permision several times before
        when asked at different times by
            Father Diego ot the Blessed Trinity 
            two of the senior auditors of Granada
                  Don Luis de Mercado
                  the Licentiate Laguna"

       "a (Lightening) bolt fell in Granada
            on the Archbishop's own house,
        near the room where he slept,
            burning part of his library...
        It alarmed him so that he fell ill,

        and they say
        that the fright made him feel
            more kindly towards us"
                       [ Foundations: Granada: # 16
                                     - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       Anne of Jesus "trusted to Providence
           he would soon grant(permission)."
                          [ Foundations: Granada: # 19
                                    - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       "I wrote to him
          announcing our arrival and
          begging him to
             come and
             give us his blessing and
             place the Blessed Sacrament
                  in our chapel,
             for although it was a feast day
                we should not hear Mass
              without his permission.

            He answered very kindly
            telling us
               - we were welcome,
               - that he was exceedingly glad
                   that we had come,
               - would have liked to get up
                  and say our first Mass for us,
           but as he was ill
               he sent his provisor                      
                     ...Don Antonio Barba...
                to say it and
                to do whatever else I might require"
                         [ Foundations: Granada: # 20
                              & Foot Note #14 
                              - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]  

   The Foundation of Granada
              20th January 1582.

        Don Antonio Barba
        "arrived soon afterwards,
          at seven o'clock in the morning.

          I begged him
            to say Mass,
            to give us all Holy Communion and
            to place the Blessed Sacrament
                   on the altar.

         He did so
              with great solemnity
         in the presence of
              the auditors and
              so great a concourse of people
         that it was wonderful
        how they could have heard
              of the matter thus quickly.

       By eight o'clock in the morning
          of the day we came,
       - the Blessed Sacrament had been placed
          in the chapel
       - more Masses were being said."
                               [ Foundations: Granada: # 21
                                             - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       "All Granada came to the place
        as if they had come to gain a Jubilee"
                              [ Foundations: Granada: # 22
                                            - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]


   Provision for the Monastery at Granada

     "The alms bestowed on us by Dona Ana
         were very small
      and other people gave us nothing
         as we were living in her house...  

     Thus, no one supposed
         that we were in want

      and on several days
      we should not have been able
         to feed ourselves
      on what this lady gave us
      if our Discalced Fathers
           of the convent  of Los Martires  (Martyrs)
       had not sent us some bread and fish."
                                [ Foundations: Granada: #23
                                     - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

                       The Monastery
                          of the Discalced Carmelite Friars
                        called The Martyrs
                        "had been founded
                             by Father Jerome Gratian
                         on 19th May 1573."
                             [Foundations: Granada:
                               Foot Note # 16 ]
    Poverty  in  Spirit             

      "We had no other bedding
           except what we had brought with us....
        we hid it from our devout hostess
            lest we might be troublesome to her.

       As she saw
       that we always looked
           satisfied and contented,
       and believing that we were
           good and mortified nuns,
       she did not notice
           that we required anything more
          than she had  given us.

      It was thus
      that we passed the greater part
            of the seven months
      we lived in her house.
                               [ Foundations: Granada: # 24
                                      - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

     "I felt rather troubled at times
           by lack of aid
      from the inhabitants of the town,

      but whenever I thought about it,
      I seemed to hear the words
          Christ our Lord said to His apostles:
     'When I sent you
         without purse and scrip and shoes,
          did you want anything .'   (Luke 22: 35)

       and my soul replied:
           ' No indeed, Lord ! '
       in full confidence                               
       that both 
                in spiritual and temporal matters,
            His Majesty would provide 
               for us abundantly.
                             [ Foundations: Granada: # 27
                                           - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

       I heard interiorly the words,
          uttered with great stress and emphasis:
      'He will overshadow thee
          with his shoulders:
       and under his wings,  thou shalt trust.'
                         (Ps. 90: 4)

      I related this
      to my confessor,
        Father John of the Cross,
       to Father Master John Baptist de Ribera...

     It appeared to both of them
     to be a sort of pledge,
        given me by our Lord,
     that this foundation would be prosperous,
         as up to this time,
      that is during four years, it has been,


      The sisters
          who came with me
       assure me
      that during all this time
      they have experienced a deeper sense
          of the presence ot His Majesty and
          of His communications
       than ever before in their lives.
                           [ Foundations: Granada: # 28
                                         - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

     The Fruits of the Convent

        The Nuns' "own advancement"
          in that which everyone said
            was caused by their example
          in the convents in the city.

          I learnt from the President,
               Don Pedro de Castro,
          that a great change for the better
              had taken place in these nuns
         since we came,
             and there are large numbers of them
             in Granada.

         To the favours granted by God
               which I have already mentioned
         He added another signal grace    —
            - that of so realising that
               our Lord Jesus Christ 
                   kept us company
               in the Blessed Sacrament 
                   of the altar,
           - that we seemed to perceive
               His bodily Presence visibly."
                          [ Foundations: Granada: # 29
                              - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

 Relocation to a new House

       August 1582

       "At the end of this period                  
          we found a house to rent
        which we entered in perfect secrecy,
           without the knowledge of the landlord,
          the former tenant having left it empty.

         (Father Gratian)  had then 
                come from Baeza
            to look after our interests.

      "The house they subsequently entered
        belonged to
           Don Alonso de Granada y Alarcon.

        was situated in the Calk Ehira"    
                                       [ Foundations: Granada:
                                                       Foot Note # 19  ]

  New Nuns enter Carmel

         "... ten months afterwards
           ....our Lord began to inspire
            some young ladies
                of the first families of the city
            with a serious desire of joining us.

            Encouraged by their confessors...
            they came, unknown to anyone,
               to take our  habit."
                                [ Foundations: Granada: # 30
                                         - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

           "six of them were clothed
                with great solemnity"
                                [ Foundations: Granada: # 31
                                        - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

           "They were:
               Marianne of Jesus (de los Cameros), 
                      afterwards Prioress of Granada 
                      foundress of Almodovar and Cabra;

               Isabel of the Incarnation 
                           (de Puebla),
                      foundress of Baeza and
                    Prioress of Jaen;

               Mary of S. John (de Velasco);
               Catherine of the Holy Ghost
                           (de Leyva),
                     three times prioress of Granada;

              Catherine of Jesus
                     who afterwards went to Malaga, 
              Mary of S. Paul"
                                      [ Foundations: Granada:
                                           Foot Note # 20 ]

 A Further  Relocation of the Convent

           (November 8, 1582)

         "When they were professed
           we tried to purchase a house
               with their dowries

           but although we negotiated for several...
              yet the purchase was never made
           until we decided upon one belonging
              to the Duke de Sesa,

           ...it was
              the most suitable for us and
              he most favourably situated in Granada.

          ...I resolved to try to obtain it,

          for two years ago the sister
             who acts as my secretary...        
           told me
           that our Lord had three times given her
              to understand
           that the convent was to be
              in the Duke's house,

           and she knew this with such certainty
           that nothing would be able to prevent it.

           Now it has come to pass,
              as your Reverence is aware,
           and we are living there at present         
                            [ Foundations: Granada: # 32
                                          - Ven. Anne of Jesus ]

           It is "Situated Calle San Matias;
           it still serves as convent
                of the Teresian nuns."
                                    [ Foundations: Granada:
                                           Foot Note # 21 ]    

   Anne of Jesus 

    "This remarkable nun

    • was born
         at Medina del Campo,
         25th November 1545,

       her father being Don Diego de Lobera,
       her mother Francisca de Torres.

    • A deaf-mute from birth
         she was cured of  her affliction
       during a pilgrimage to a shrine of our Lady.

    • Bereft of  both parents at the age of nine,
        she was brought up by her grandmother

    • Ann...placed herself under the direction
         of a saintly Jesuit, Pedro Rodriguez,

       who tried her
           by apparent harshness
        but finally consented
           to her seeking admission
         into S. Teresa's convent at Avila,
           1st August 1570."

      • Salamanca
        - St. Teresa
           "took her to the foundation of  Salamanca,
              where she made her mistress of novices 
              even before profession,
           which took place 22nd October 1571."

     •  Beas    
          "Anne accompanied S. Teresa to Veas (1575)
               and remained there as Prioress

            enjoying the friendship and direction
                of  S. John of the Cross
           during his sojourn at  Baeza.

           When her term of office drew to its end,
            S. Teresa requested the nuns
                not to re-elect her
            as she had chosen her
                for the foundation at Granada
                 then in contemplation.

    • Granada
             S. John of the Cross went to Avila
                to induce S. Teresa herself
             to come to Granada

             but failing this
                he was glad to have Anne of Jesus.

             Anne remained at Granada
                about four years

             after which she was commissioned
                to carry out another project of Teresa's,
                          then deceased,
             namely a foundation at Madrid
                where she remained eight years..."

             "From 1594 till 1604
                she resided at Salamanca,
              the convent of her profession,
              where she filled for some years
                  the position of  Prioress.

     Paris, France
             negotiations had been carried on
                 with a view towards
             establishing the order in France,
                 and Anne was chosen 
                      as first prioress
                 of the convent of Paris;

             other foundations followed,
                 but owing to difficulties
             she withdrew to Belgium
                where she was cordially welcomed
             by the Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia,
                the daughter of Philip II.

             Having set on foot 
                 a number of foundations (there)....

    •  Her Efforts to Preserve
             the original Teresian Constitution

            In this period falls a great trial;
              the Superiors of the Discalced Carmelites
            having resolved to improve
                    (as they thought)
            on S. Teresa's work
              changed the constitutions of the nuns,

            a proceeding  which was
                 not only resented
                 but actively resisted
            by Anne and
            a considerable number of nuns
         who appealed to Rome.

          They gained their point
           but were subjected to severe penalties
               by the superiors in Spain,

           the punishment meted out to Anne of Jesus
                      being particularly severe.

          During these years  she procured
           the publication  by Fray Luis de Leon,
                 of the writings of S. Teresa
                      (  with the exception of
                          "the Book of Foundations" and
                          "the Letters" )
             for which purpose she collected
                 the original manuscripts,
             even that of  "the Life"
             which until then had remained
                 in the hands of  the Inquisition."

     "She died at Brussels,
             4th March 1621
        in the odor of sanctity.

        Her process of Beatification
             has reached that stage
        where she is declared
             a  'Venerable servant of  God,
                      [ Foundations: Granada]          

  Dona Ana de Penalosa

     Sister of  Don Luis de Mercado
        who was one of the senior auditors
             at the Court of Granada.

     "the widow of Don Juan de Guevara
          who died in 1579.

   ▪ "She was a penitent
        of S. John of the Cross,
      who wrote at her request
          the Explanation of his poem,
       "The Living Flame of Love"

       "The last letter preserved of him
           is addressed to her;
         It bears the date
            Penuela, 21st September 1591,
         that is less than three months
            before his death"
        [ Foundations: Granada: Foot Note #11 ]    

          End of  the Discussion

                   of  The Foundation

   of S. Joseph's Convent at Granada  

   by the Ven. Mother Anne of Jesus
         Book of the Foundations                         

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