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The Book of the Foundations - Appendix 1 - The Patent For The Foundation of Two Convents of Discalced Friars

          APPENDIX   I 
      Patent For The Foundation 
 of Two Convents of Discalced Friars
      The Book of the Foundations
              of S. Teresa of Jesus 
  of the Order of our Lady of Carmel  

We, Friar John-Baptist Rubeo
   prior-general and humble servant 
     of all the friars and nuns 
   of the Holy Order of our Lady 
   of Mount Carmel, the Mother of God, 
wish to all 
   who shall read these,
         our letters patent. 
the sweet inspirations of the Holy Ghost. 
We declare, as in truth we may, 
  - that the zeal for 
      the honour of God and 
      the progress of the friars and nuns 
         of  this ancient Order, 
      so dear to the glorious Queen of  heaven,
     unceasingly devoureth us;
 -  that we ever feel the urgings 
          of the spurs of spiritual solicitude; 
 - that we grievously suffer 
      when we fail to behold 
     an abundant harvest in that vineyard 
       planted [by Her] and 
      watered with the tears 
             of Her Divine Son, 
       with the water and blood 
             flowing from the side, 
       even with the Blood of His whole body, 
       with the bitterness and anguish 
            [of His love]. 
Our desire is that 
    all the members of this Order  were 
         like mirrors, 
         like shining lamps, 
         glowing torches 
         brilliant stars 
    enlightening and guiding the wanderers 
        in this dark world; 
    to which end 
        - their prayers should be 
           an intimate conversation with God,

        - their meditations should 
           lead to union with Him, 

        - their mind, albeit living in the flesh, 
            should dwell in heaven, 
          serving the body 
               only through necessity, 
          giving it strength for 
             the accomplishment 
             of a multitude of good works,
          unfeignedly and free from hypocrisy,
          never seeking its own advantage 
             with respect to earthly goods 
              or the commodities of life, 
           - [that they should walk]
                in spirit and in truth, 
             with the prudence of serpents 
                and the simplicity of doves; 
          - that they should be 
               free from everything 
                    that might deprive their soul 
               of the candour and purity 
               of an ardent love of  God, 
               forgetful of Self, 
            but raised above themselves 
               by raptures 
                 both ineffable and indescribable 
                 for being above the ordinary way
                 Sometimes these pass swiftly, 
                 at other times
                    they seem to encompass the soul, 
                 or again 
                    they invest, as it were, 
                    one small point of the soul; 
                now [the soul] seems 
                    to take flight, 
                    to ascend and 
                    to descend, 
                leaving the senses
                    transformed and more exalted 
                    than they generally are in this life; 
                   the eyes are filled 
                      with tears, and
                  the heart 
                      with a sweet dew producive 
                      of  abundant fruit 
Such being our desire 
  we feel bound to reply favourably 
      to certain requests submitted to us 
  to the effect 
     that we should grant permission 
       for the foundation of some convents 
           of friars of our Order 
      where mass may be celebrated,
                the Divine office chanted or sung,    
      where at convenient hours, 
               prayers and meditations may be held 
          as well as 
               other spiritual exercises performed
          so as to be 
               in name and 
               in reality 
         houses and convents 
               of Contemplative Carmelites, 
     where also, 
        when occasion offers itself, 
               help should be given to outsiders, 
        in conformity with
               our ancient constitutions 
              such other ordinances 
                        as we shall make; 
              under obedience to the Provincial
                        present and to come. 
Therefore, moved by a holy zeal,
      by the authority of our office of General, 
 in pursuance of these present 
      letters patent,
we grant faculty and power 
      to the Reverend Fathers 
            Master Alonso Gonzalez,
            provincial of our Order in Castille, 
            Master Angelus de Salazar
            prior of our convent of Avila, 
      to receive in our name 
           two convents with churches
               of our profession,
               under our obedience and 
               of our habit
      according to the form which
           shall be set forth and 
           declared in our acts. 
In which convents 
they shall establish priors and friars   
      to live under complete Reform, and 
      to advance in the perfection
         of  Religious life in all humility.
And that these Religious shall
   at all times 
be subject to the province of Castille,

                         . . .
    [includes here,
      an exhortation regarding obedience
      and faithfulness to the Order ] 
                         . . .
And in order that all may be done 
   with due humility and obedience 
we ordain that no convent 
    shall be founded 
unless the blessing of the Ordinary
    [i.e. the bishop or the Vicar General] 
have first been obtained 
     as the holy Council enjoins
let no one of lesser power than ourselves
   impede the dispositions 
        of the said two fathers 
    jointly according to the tenor 
        of these present letters patent, 
    under pain of privation of seat and voice
    [in chapter], and of exile 
         from our province of Castille. 
In token of this our will,
   we have ordered these present 
             letters patent 
    to be written and 
    to be signed with our sign manual 
    to be sealed with the seal of our office. 
    On the 16th day of August 1567. 

 The place of issue is not stated 
  but from other letters 
     of the same date 
  it appears 
     that Rubeo was then at Barcelona. 

                         End of  
                  APPENDIX   I 
         Patent For The Foundation 
 of Two Convents of Discalced Friars  
      The Book of the Foundations
              of S. Teresa of Jesus 
  of the Order of our Lady of Carmel  

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