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The Book of the Foundations - Discussion of Chapter 25 - St. Teresa of Avila - Teresa of Jesus

        The Book of the Foundations
              of S. Teresa of Jesus 
     of the Order of our Lady of Carmel 
      Discussion of Chapter 25     XXV

               Chapter 25    Contents
 - The Foundation Of 
      The Glorious S. Joseph 
      Of Seville Continued. 

 - What Happened When Getting A House 
      Of Our Own 
   1. Troubles and discouragements. — 
   2. Abandonment of the Saint. — 
   3. Her brother returns from the Indies. — 
   4. Difficulties in finding a good house. — 
   5. A house found. — 
   6. Difficulties of taking possession. — 
   7. The Saint takes possession 
        of the new house. — 
   8. Troubles of Don Lorenzo. — 
   9. The church arranged. — 
 10. Preparations for the opening. — 
 11. Solemnities of the opening — 
 12. A miracle.
         Discussion of Chapter 25 
      The chapter headings of Chapters 
         23, 24, 25, and 26
       reference  the foundation at Sevillle
  The Seville Foundations's First Site
      The Foundation of S. Joseph of Carmel 
          in the City of Seville  was founded
          on May 29, 1575
          on the feast of The Most Holy Trinity:
       Difficuties in Seville at the first site
     St Teresa's Faith in God

  Relocation of the Foundation 
          to a new site in Seville
     A possible 2nd site was found
                 but was soon dismissed

     A new and  more suitable site is found
                   "29th April 1576 *
                   "In the beginning of  May *
                   The first Mass offered on 29th April 1576 *     
       Making Known the new Monastery site
                June 3, 1576 
   St. Teresa directs her Carmelites to pray
          for those who have helped them
    Status of Teresa Peregrinations
          current to this chapter
                   * dates are approximate (?)

   The Seville Foundations's  First  Site

      The Foundation of S. Joseph of Carmel 
              in the City of Seville 
           ▪  "The first Mass of this Foundation      
                     was offered  on May 29, 1575
                 on the feast of 
                      the Most Holy Trinity"
                             [ Foundations: Ch. 24: #12 ]

                 "Mass had been said 
                        with the archbishop's leave...
                  It was one of his chaplains 
                         whom he had sent 
                  to say the first Mass."
                             [ Foundations: Ch. 24: #13 ]
           ▪ A house is found and rented 

                  "the house in Seville,        
                   which the Father Fray Mariano 
                          had hired for us 
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 24: #3 ]

          ▪  The Prioress  
                  "Mary of S. Joseph (Salazar)
                       nun of Malagon,
                   The Saint took her to Veas 
                       and afterwards to Seville
                    where she made her prioress"
                                    [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                                   Foot note: #9 ]

 Difficuties in Seville at the first site
    ▪  Poverty
                        "No one would suppose that
                            in a city so rich as Seville, 
                            among a people so wealthy, 
                         I should have had less help 
                            in making a foundation
                         than in any other place 
                            wherein I had been.       [1] 
                          They did so little for me 
                             that I sometimes thought 
                          it would not be well for us 
                              to have a monastery there."
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #1 ]
                        "The nuns lived in
                             the most extreme poverty, 
                          sleeping on the floor..."     
                                   [ Foundations: Ch. 25:
                                          Foot note  #1 ]

     ▪  Lack of  new vocations:
                   "As for those 
                          - who had spoken so much 
                                    to the Father, 
                                    the apostolic visitor, 
                               about entering the order, 
                         - who had asked him 
                               to bring the nuns to Seville,
                          they must have seen later 
                              that our life was too austere, 
                             that they could not bear it. 
                          One only came to us..."        
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #2 ]

 St Teresa's  Faith in God
       and dependence on His Will;
    knowing she could do nothing
       without Him.
                    "never in any other place 
                           was I so weak and cowardly. 

                          ... though I did not lose 
                          my ordinary trust in our Lord
                     ... I felt our Lord was...
                              withdrawing His hand, 
                         that He might abide in Himself
                         that I might see 
                              that any courage I had before
                              was not mine. 
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #1 ]

                         "I saw that I was
                             of no use whatsoever there, 
                          for that grace 
                            which God gives me here 
                              ("in Castile" - Foot note #6)       
                               of finding some one 
                                    to help us in our work 
                              God did not give me there. 
                                 (in Sevillle)
                                [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #2 ]


  Relocation of the Foundation 
          to a new site in Seville
       ▪ "I never thought of buying a house, 
              and I had not the means of doing so, 
            neither was there any one 
               who would be surety for us. 
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #2 ]
       ▪  "It pleased God that a brother of mine,
                Lorenzo de Cepeda                                
            arrived at this time from the Indies 
            He took it more to heart than I did 
            that the nuns had no house 
                 of their own
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #3 ]
       ▪ St. Teresa, because of her  obedience
                to her Superiors in the capacity of
             Prioress of  the Monastery 
                of St. Joseph in Avila, as well as,
               the need to assist other foundations
                (old and new)
           knew she would need to leave Seville.
           She hoped to see the nuns in Seville
              in permanent housing of their own.
          "It was a very great grief to me 
              to leave the nuns 
            without a house of their own, 
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #2 ]
         "I, too, was then much more urgent 
                in my prayers to our Lord, 
           begging  Him 
             not to let me leave them
                 without a house, 
           and I made the sisters pray to Him 
                for the same object, 
           and to the glorious S. Joseph"
                     [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #3 ]
          "Relying on these, 
            seeing  my brother bent on helping us, 
                  I began to treat 
           about the purchase of certain houses"
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #3 ]

       A possible 2nd site was found
          but was soon dismissed
             A new site  was found,
               but the deed was never finalized:

               "though the matter 
                 seemed to be arranged, 
                      yet all came to nothing
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #3 ]

                "His Majesty saved us 
                     from buying one 
                with which everybody was pleased 
                     because the site was good
                ... so old and...
                    so ruinous a state
               that we were buying 
                     merely the site, 
               that for a little less 
                    than the house we are in cost us"
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #4 ]
               "Fr. Garci Alvarez
                  who later "became 
                  chaplain and confessor to the nuns"
                                  [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                                  Foot note #8 ]
                "...knew the house well,
                he thought it very foolish 
                          to give so much for it, 
                told us so every day, and
               wanted us to speak about it no more" 
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #5 ]

              "When the matter was settled, 
                    and nothing remained 
               but the drawing up of the deeds, 
               ...the very person 
               who had sold the house, 
                    notwithstanding his great gain... 
               made difficulties about the deeds 
                    when the time for signing them 
                        had come. 
               We were, therefore, 
                    free to abandon our bargain 
               without any fault on our part; 
                and it was a great grace of our Lord 
                    to us, 
                for those 
                    who might have had to live in it 
                would never in all their life 
                   have finished the repairs it needed
                it would have been 
                   a great trouble to them, 
                and their means were scanty"
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #4 ]
      ▪  St. Teresa's Perspective 
          of the suitability of this site:
           "I was not at all satisfied; 
               it seemed to me 
               that the last word 
                       I had heard in prayer 
                   was not fulfilled (by) that house, 
               for that word, as I understood it, 
                   meant that God would give us 
               a good house; 
               and it was His pleasure to do so"
                (as it turned out)
                            [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #4 ]

     A new  and more suitable site is found
                 ◦ "The house belonged 
                          to Pedro Pablo
                     a minor canon of the Cathedral, 
                      and was in the street 
                          called La Pageria;  
                       until its demolition in 1882
                       it was called 
                           Casa de Santa Teresa. 
                       The house was good, 
                            but the neighbourhood evil"
                        and the nuns removed 
                            to another  in 1586 
                      [ Reforma, bk. iii. ch. xlvi. i ]. 
                                    [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                                  Foot note #10 ]

        ▪  Obtaining this new house
             "a brother of mine,
                   Lorenzo de Cepeda                                
              helped us much, 
                   especially in finding for us 
              the house wherein they dwell now"
                                [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #3 ]
             Father "Garci Alvarez...  
             He and my brother went to see 
                  that wherein the sisters 
                           are now living, 
                  and returned so pleased with it 

                      — and justly so, 
                          for our Lord meant it for us  — 
            that in two or three days 
                the deeds were drawn up."
                                  [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #5 ]
          "April 5 (1576) Agreement for 
                  the new house at Seville signed".
                     [ Life: Introduction; Editor:Peers ]

      ▪ Difficulties encountered 
         in regard to this new site:
            ◦ Difficulties in taking possession

                    "We had some trouble in 
                         moving into it, 
                       they who were
                                then  living in it,
                              would not go out
                       the Franciscan friars, 
                              who lived close by, 
                          came at once to beg of us 
                              not to go in on any account. 

                         ...We were in this trouble 
                               for more than a month
                        the prioress and myself 
                           with the two other nuns; 
                        we did so by night, 
                         (they moved into the house)
                            and in great fear, 
                         that the friars might know 
                            nothing about it 
                         before we took possession" 
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #6 ]

               ▪  The First Mass is said 
                         29th April 1576     (?)

                        "Early in the morning 
                             the good Garci Alvarez
                          who came with us, 
                             said the first mass,       
                           and we had no fear now." 
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #7 ]
                    "Fr. Garci Alvarez... 
                          came every day to say...Mass"          
                             [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #5 ]
                       "My brother was not here then... 
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #8 ]
                         "...29th April 1576, 
                              as the Saint writes of it 
                             on that day. 
                                      [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                               Foot note #12 ]
                        "In the beginning of  May 
                          the new house is occupied
                             by her and her sisters. 
                          [Foundations: Introduction:
                            Annals of the Saint's Life ]
             ◦  An error in the deed
              and her brother is held responsible:

                There seemed to be a probem
                     which entailed a  financial error
                     but  the pucrhase  and transfer 
                      of  the property was successful.

                    "on account of a certain mistake 
                        made in the deed...                            
                     we were in trouble...
                       until he assigned some 
                     of his property  as security…"  

                    "Later on, the matter 
                      was arranged satisfactorily"
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #8 ]

                    "Her brother, Don Lorenzo,  
                       took refuge in the monastery 
                         of the Carmelites 
                      with  Fray Jerome 
                         of the Mother of God, 
                       and was there on the 
                              29th April 1576, 
                       as the Saint writes of it 
                               on that day. 
                                      [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                               Foot note #12 ]
             ◦ Poverty 

                   "for, as everybody did not know 
                       of the monastery, 
                    because it was a private house, 
                       we received but scanty alms 
                     except from the Prior of        [13]
                      the Carthusians of Las Cuevas"
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #8 ]

                    "Don Fernando de Pantoja...     
                      From her, he learnt
                           to have devotion
                       to S. Joseph and S. Anne" 
                                      [ Foundations: Ch. 25:
                                                 Foot note  #13 ]

 Making Known the new Monastery site
           ▪ Converting the house into 
                  Monastery and Church
                  "We shut ourselves up 
                        in ...rooms on the ground floor, 
                    my brother was there all day 
                        among the workmen, 
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #8 ]
                  "My brother was very busy 
                              during this month 
                    in converting certain rooms 
                              into a church, and
                    in furnishing it throughout 
                                [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #9]
                  Father "Garci Alvarez adorned 
                      our cloister...and  the church 
                  with the utmost care. 
                   He prepared handsome altars..."
                             [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #11 ]

          ▪ Procession of the Blessed Sacrament
                  "When it was finished 
                    I wished to have
                        the Most Holy Sacrament  
                   reserved without noise"
                  But both 
                  Father Garci Alvarez  and
                  the Father Prior of Las Cuevas said
                 "if the monastery 
                     was to be known in Seville, 
                   the Most Holy Sacrrament 
                      must be solemnly reserved, 
                   and they went to the archbishop. 
                  It was settled among them all 
                     that the Most Holy Sacrament 
                  should be brought 
                     with great solemnity 
                  from one of the parish churches. 
                  ...(in)  the procession, 
                     and the streets to be decorated."
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #10 ]
                "The holy Prior of Las Cuevas...  
                    was in the procession himself...
                  he had never seen anything like it
                     in Seville,  and... 
                  he looked on it all 
                     as being visibly the work of God

                 The archbishop carried
                     the Most Holy Sacrament.              
                 The people came in crowds."
                            [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #11 ]
              "3rd June 1576, 
                  on the Sunday 
               within the octave of the Ascension. 
                  See Foundations: ch. 26: #1 "
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 25:
                                           Foot note  #16 ]
                  This festival took place 
                    on the Sunday before Pentecost, 1576
                    Foundations: ch. xxvi. i."
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 26: #1 ]

  St. Teresa  directs her nuns to pray 
      for the Prior of the Carthusians of Las Cuevas, 
         Don Fernando de Pantoja
      for those who have helped them,
         whom "we owe much".

         "It is only reasonable...my sisters...  
           that you should pray to God 
                for one who has done so much for us, 
               for others also, 
          whether he be living or dead.
           ...I write this for that end: 
               to this holy man we owe much."
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #8 ]

    Status of Teresa Peregrinations
        current to this chapter
      St. Teresa seems to have written
           this chapters on the Seville foundation
         around September of 1576 in Toledo:
                        "In Toledo the Saint continues 
                      the Book of the Foundations
                          as far as ch. xxvii, (ch 27)

                          adding to it the account 
                                of the foundations of  
                                   Segovia, Veas, 
                            Seville, and Caravaca"
                               [ Foundations: Introduction: 
                                  Annals of the Saint's Life" ]
         And St. Teresa does, 
              by her remarks in Paragraph #2, 
         refer to being in the area of castille
             during this account:
                      "for that grace 
                       which God gives me here..." [6] 
                             "In Castille"
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #2
                                   & Foot note #6   ]
      ▪ Her stay in Seville
             She arrived Thursday, May  26, 1575
             and left Seville on June 4, 1576
                      "I remained there 
                          from the time 
                                already mentioned 
                          till a little before Lent"     [3]
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 25: #2 ]
                      "Ash Wednesday fell 
                         on 7th March in 1576
                        the Saint had arrived in Seville 
                        on Thursday, 26th May 1575
                             See ch. xxiv. 9. "
                                     [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                                   Foot note #3 ]
                 Perhaps the reference to
                  "till a little before Lent"
                   was the time that they stayed
                     at the hired house in Seville,
                    the first site of the monastery.

                 From Paragraph #7, #8,   
                    and Foot note #12,
                  it seems that they occupied
                   the new (2nd) site on La Pageria
                    on or about 29th April 1576
              but had bought it 1 month 
                         prior to that.
                       "We were in this trouble 
                         for more than a month"
                         ( waiting to move in) 
                        [ Foundations: Ch. 25:  #6 ]
             "The Saint left Seville
                    4th June 1576
                attended  by her brother, 
                          Don Lorenzo (and)
                     Fr. Gregorio Nazianzen"
                                   [ Foundations: Ch. 26
                                                 Foot note #1 ]
                     ( The 2nd site in Seville was
                             announced on  June 3, 1576
                            with  solemn procession)

                  "And now the time was come
                        to order me to leave Andalucia, 
                        for other matters 
                            were now pressing here." [5] 
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 25:  #2 ]

                     "The Saint had now been ordered 
                          by the provincial to 
                               leave Seville 
                               take up her residence 
                                  in some other monastery,
                        the choice of which was, 
                           however, left to her. 
                                     [ Foundations: Ch. 25: 
                                                    Foot note #5 ]
                     At the end of  1575,
                      "Fray Angel de Salazar,   
                         provincial of Castille, 
                       bids the Saint 
                         make no more foundations, 
                       orders her further to withdraw   
                       into any one of her monasteries,
                             and there to remain. 
                       She proposes to withdraw 
                              to Valladolid at once, 
                          leaving the foundation 
                          of Seville in its troubles, 
                        but Fray Jerome bids her stay
                          for the present where she is, 
                            [ Foundations: Introduction:
                               Annals of the Saint's Life ]
                       "4th June  (1576)
                         She sets out for Toledo...        
                             [ Foundations: Introduction:
                               Annals of the Saint's Life ]
                         "She was in Malagon on 
                               the 11th,    
                          where she was still 
                            in the beginning of July
                           By order of Fray Jerome 
                             she went to Avila 
                           to complete the term 
                              of her priorship, 
                           after which she ought to 
                              have gone to Salamanca 
                          where she was conventual. 
                          But it was finally decided 
                               she should go to Toledo,   
                         whither she went, 
                          bringing with her 
                             as her companion and 
                          secretary the venerable 
                             Ann of S. Bartholomew. 
                         On the 9th day of August
                          the Saint was in Toledo."
                                     [ Foundations: Ch. 26
                                                    Foot note #1 ]   

            End of  the Discussion 
                   of Chapter 25 
                         of the 
            Book of the Foundations
                of S. Teresa of Jesus 
  of the Order of our Lady of Carmel   

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