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The Book of the Foundations - Discussion of Chapter 19 - St. Teresa of Avila - Teresa of Jesus

         The Book of the Foundations
              of S. Teresa of Jesus 
     of the Order of our Lady of Carmel 
      Discussion of Chapter 19 

          Chapter 19 Contents
    Continuation Of The Foundation 
        Of The Monastery 
        Of  S. Joseph 
    In The City Of Salamanca 
  1. The Saint recommends 
           learned confessors. — 
  2. Nicholas Gutierrez. — 
  3. The Saint takes possession. — 
  4. Poverty of the house at first. — 
  5. Terrors of Sister Mary. — 
  6. The house is not healthy. — 
  7. The Saint returns to Salamanca 
         in August 1573. — 
  8. And takes possession 
          of the new monastery. — 
  9. Troubles with the owner 
          of the house. — 
10. Who cannot come to any terms. 
       Discussion of Chapter 19 
  Summary:  Continuation from Chapter 18
  Continues Counsels to the Prioresses and nuns
  Continues the account 
         of the Foundation at Salamanca,
        The Monastery of St. Joseph
       Regarding the Original site of this foundation
            Feast of All Saints - November 1, 1570.
      Relocation to the Second Site  (1573)
             Michaelmas - September 29, 1573
          Feastday of St. Michael the Archangel
       Eventual Relocation to subsequent Sites

  Continues Counsels to the Prioresses and nuns
 This chapter, which continues the account
    of the foundation at Salamanca,
  also briefly continues her Counsels to the Prioresses 
    regarding the importance of:
    - seeking "direction 
      (from)  learned men
       for thereby shall you find 
          the way of  perfection 
       in discretion and truth".
   - "hav(ing) learned men 
          for their confessors" 
     "and  contriv(ing)  that their nuns 
          go to confession to learned men"

         "— if not they will do many foolish things,  
                  thinking them to be saintly".
                                                   [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #1 ]

  Continues the account 
         of the Foundation at Salamanca
    The Monastery of St. Joseph,
           the 7th convent for Discalced Carmelite Nuns
         was founded at Salamanca 
            on November 1, 1570.
                                             [ Foundation: Introduction]

  Regarding the original site of this foundation
   The house is situated on 
       the Plaza de Santa Teresa 
                          [ Foundations: Ch. 19: Foot Note #3 ]
   "The house was very large and rambling"
                                         [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #4 ]
 - St. Teresa  arrived  in Salamanca 
   with Sister Mary of the Blessed Sacrament,
       "on the eve of All Saints"  
           (October 31, 1570)
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #2 ]
 - Nicholas Gutierrez, a resident of Salamanca,
        helped her take possession of the house
   which she hired.
   He was instrumental  in 
        negotiating with the landord 
        persuading the former  tenants 
                  to vacate the premises.
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #2 ]
 - Athough found in a very unseemly state, 
       they worked hard to make  the house ready.    
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #3 ]
 - And "Early the next morning, 
       Mass was said there for the first time".
                   (November 1, 1570)
 -  St. Teresa "sent for more nuns,                         
     who were to come from Medina del Campo." 
                                         [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #4 ]

     "Anne of the Incarnation, 
       Mary of Christ, 
       Jeronyma of Jesus 
      came from Medina; 
      from Avila came 
       Anne of Jesus and 
        Juana of  Jesus
      and from Toledo 
        Mary of S. Francis, novice. 
        Anne of the Incarnation 
               was made prioress, and 
        Mary of Christ,  sub-prioress"
                          [ Foundations: Ch. 19:  Foot note #5 ]
Difficulties of the site:
   ◦ Unhealthy condition
          "I was very sorry 
            for the sufferings of the nuns here...
          from its unhealthiness, 
          it being damp and excessively cold, 
            and that could not be helped 
           because of its great size"
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
   ◦ The location of the Convent 
         presented difficulties.
         "for the house 
           being very much out of the way"
                            [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
        "The community remained...  
           almost unheeded".
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
   ◦  The absence of the Most Holy Sacrament,
       "But the worst of all 
            was the absence 
        of the Most Holy Sacrament, 
             which in a house so strictly enclosed 
        was a serious privation."
         "...and some of them told me 
           that they 
              - considered it an imperfection 
                     to wish for another house, 
              - would have been well pleased 
                     to remain there 
                 if they could have had 
                      the Most Holy Sacrament"
                                         [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
   ◦  Regarding the Poverty of the Convent
       - St. Teresa, 
              although unable 
                   to stay there long
              because of  the directives of her superiors
                   and her other responsibilities
           did not describe poverty as an obstacle 
           because she could arrange for their needs.
                  "and I used to provide, 
                       even to the minutest matters, 
                   whatever might be 
                       of use and comfort to the nuns, 
                   as if I had to live in that house all my life"
                  "for the house 
                        being very much out of the way, 
                    and therefore not likely 
                        to receive much alms
                   I took, care to provide for it 
                        from the place where I was staying"
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
        - The nuns from a neighboring convent
           provided blankets, alms, and assistance:
                   "It was the Monastery of S. Elizabeth   
                       and all the time 
                    (that) we remained in that house 
                       they rendered us many kind services 
                     and gave us alms."
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #4 ]
                   "They were nuns 
                        of the third order of S. Francis, 
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: Foot note #7 ]
 ▪ Duration at the original site:
      "The community remained 
        in the same house about three years
          — I am not sure it was not four —   
         almost unheeded".
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
    The Introduction's "Annals of the Saint's Life"
      indicate  that the duration at this site
    was from October 30, 1570 to 1573.
       (See excerpts on the bottom of the web page)
         She sets out for Salamanca
              with the provincial's leave, 
         to arrange the transfer of her community there 
               to a new house".
                         [ Foundations: Introduction:
                                         Annals of the Saint's Life ]
    St. Teresa during this time 
         was journeying 
             to establish new foundations
             to visit and assist 
                   in the ones already estabished.
            "I was ordered to go to the monastery 
                   of the Incarnation in Avila"             
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #6 ]
          By October 1971 
             "She enters on her office in October
                and remains prioress for three years".
                ( Monastery of Incarnation - Avila )
                                         [ Foundations: Introduction:
                                           Annals of the Saint's Life ]

 Relocation to the Second Site   ( 1573) 

          (Michaelmas - September 29, 1573)
           The feast of  St. Michael the Archangel
    The nuns at Salamanca had been arranging 
          to acquire a house owned 
     by Pedro de la Vanda
                [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #7 & Foot note #11 ]
    St. Teresa  journeyed back  to Salamanca
        to help with the arrangements,
         "and we looked at the house
              that we might be able to say 
          what should be done to it...

     we were delayed till Michaelmas..."
                                                  [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #7 ]
            Fray Antonio of Jesus  and 
               Julian of Avila...
            Dona Quiteria de Avila
                         a nun of the Incarnation  
               ...accompanied the Saint"       
                      [ Foundations: Ch. 19: Foot note #12] 
▪    There were difficuties with this house, too.
       ◦ In poor condition: 
                "it was in such a state 
                     as to make it necessary to spend
                  more than a thousand ducats on it 
                     before they could go into it...
                  ...raise the walls...
                   "our house was far from being finished"
                    "and that in which we were then living, 
                         as we had not hired it for another year, 
                      had already found a tenant, 
                         and he was hurrying us out of it"
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #7 ]
       ◦ Legal Complications: 
                     "the house was an entail…"                 
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #7 ]

                      (But eventually) "The royal licence 
                           for the alienation of the house 
                        was obtained…
                       but in August 1573,
                         the Saint had not been able to settle 
                       with Pedro de la Vanda." 
                         [ Foundations: Ch. 19: Foot note #13]
                      The problems in negotiating with the
                          landord continued throughout
                       their stay there:
                        "It is now three years...  
                           and the purchase is not yet made".
                                         [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #10 ]

 ▪ The New Monastery    September 29, 1573
                    "We went in on the vigil of S. Michael, 
                               a little before dawn. 
                     It had been already made known
                       - that on the feast of S. Michael,
                         the Most Holy Sacrament 
                      was to take up His dwelling there
                       - that a sermon was to be preached".

   On the eve of St. Michael's Feastday
    a heavy rain 
        not only made it difficult to transport
                          into the new site
              what was necessary 
                          for the convent and chapel,
        but also, 
                    "The chapel was newly built, 
                         but the roof was so badly made 
                    that the rain came 
                         through the greater part of it."
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #8 ]
    But, the next day,  Michaelmas,  
     by the time the people were to arrive for Mass
          the sun was shining. 

                    "Many people came...     
                     and the Most Holy Sacrament 
                        was brought in with great solemnity. 
                     As the house 
                        was in a good position, 
                     it began to be
                         known and regarded with respect; 
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #9]
                    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
▪   A lesson in "Trusting in God"
    St Teresa said of this event"
      "I found I was very imperfect that day... 
       I said to our Lord 
       that He must 
            either not bid me to apply myself 
                   to these foundations 
            or relieve us in our present necessity. 
       The good man Nicholas  Gutierrez
           with his usual calmness, 
       as if nothing was amiss,
            told me very gently not to distress myself 
                  — God  would send help
       So He did, 
            for on the feast of  S. Michael, 
       when it was time for the people to come, 
            the sun began to shine 
                  — which stirred up 
                        my devotion exceedingly — 
         and I saw 
         how much better 
              that holy man had done 
         by trusting in God 
              than I had done with all my labour.      
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #8 ]

  Eventual Relocation to a 3rd, 4th, and 5th Site:
     St. Teresa described the problems 
        in trying to finalize the purchase of the house:
                     "It is now three years 
                         since this affair was begun, 
                       and the purchase is not yet made, 
                       and I do not know  
                       whether the monastery 
                                  will remain here 
                                  — I mean in this house —   
                        or where it shall be settled".        
                                        [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #10 ]
       Regarding this ongoing uncertainty, she said
                      " What I do know is this—  
                          it is a great pleasure to us 
                             to find ourselves in a house 
                          out of which we may be driven 
                             at any time, 
                             that the Lord of the world 
                          had none.  
                                                   [ Foundations: Ch. 19: #10 ]

                          Luke 9:58. 
                          Jesus said to him: 
                              The foxes have holes, 
                                   and the birds of the air nests;
                               but the Son of man hath not
                                   where to lay his head 
                                 [ Foundations: Ch. 19: Foot note #17]
      From the editor's foot note is told:

                         "After the death of the Saint, 
                               the nuns were obliged
                           to leave the house 
                               owing to the difficult temper 
                           of Don Pedro
                           After a short sojourn 
                                in another house
                           they retired to 
                                the hospice of the Rosary
                           close to the Dominican Convent 
                                of San Esteban"
                           "They left it in the year 1614, 
                               and settled 
                              outside the Villamayor Gate". 
                            "The house was almost ruined 
                                by the Portuguese 
                              during the war of succession, 
                                 but was rebuilt 
                              and still serves as a convent".
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 19: Foot note #16]

"Carmelite Monastery opposite the gate 
   of the Villa Mayor"
[The above  Drawing is from: 
   "St Teresa of Jesus of the Order 
       of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
     embracing The Life , Relations, 
       Maxims, and Foundations"
     Edited by John J. Burke, C.S.P.
     from www.books.google.com
      p 292 following   ]


Excerpts From:

  The Book of the Foundations: 
     Introduction - Annals of the Saint's  Life:
   She completes her "Life"  in May or June, 
      and begins the Way of Perfection. 
   ...Father-general of the order of Carmel, 
      Fray Juan Bautista Rubeo...
   He authorises her to make other foundations 
      of  nuns, and two of friars, 
      27th April, 16th May and  16th August. 
   The General approves 
      the Constitutions of the nuns. 
   Juan of Avila approves of her book,  (The Life)
      and writes to her a letter, dated 12th September, 
    Juan of Avila dies, 12th April
   Father Martin Gutierrez, 
       rector of the house of  the Society in Salamanca,  
   writes to her 17th January
       asking her to found a monastery there 
               [ch. xviii. ii. ]
   The bishop of Salamanca grants permission 
       for the foundation of her monastery. 
   The Saint arrives in Salamanca 
       on the eve of All Saints
    ...founded on the feast of All Saints... 
       the seventh (foundation) of nuns.....
       in Salamanca [ch. xix. 2]. 
    The foundation made in Alba de Tormes, 
        25th Jan. 
        [ch. XX. 12]. 
    The Saint returns to Salamanca, 
        and is there at the end of March. 
    She now spent some time in the house 
        of the Count of Monterey. 
    She goes to Avila from Salamanca
        and is ordered by her superiors 
     to accept the priorate of the Incarnation 
        [ch. xix. 6]. 
     She renounces the mitigated Rule. 
       Father Fernandez makes 
     supplementary Constitutions for the nuns. 
     She enters on her office in October
        and remains prioress for three years. 
      ( Monastery of Incarnation - Avila )

     In May,
     S. John of the Cross was made Confessor 
         to the nuns of the Incarnation. 
     Great graces bestowed on the Saint 
        while in the monastery of the Incarnation: 
     the mystical betrothal;

    She sets out for Salamanca
        with the provincial's leave, 
    to arrange the transfer of her community there 
        to a new house
    At the end of the month the princess of Eboli 
        goes to Pastrana, 
    and establishes herself as a nun
        in the Carmelite monastery there 
        [ch. xvii. 14, note. ]
    In Salamanca her confessor, 
        Father Jerome Ripalda
    bids her write the history of her foundations
        She begins to write 24th August
    She writes the Conceptions on the Love of God
    The book of her Life is delated 
       to the inquisitors the first time 
          [ch. xvW. 12, note]. 
     6th Oct. 
     She resigns the place of prioresss 
        in the Monastery of the Incarnation, 
        and returns to her own House of S. Joseph 
        where she is elected prioress. 
     ...In Toledo the Saint continues 
        the Book of the Foundations 
            as far as ch. xxvii, 
        adding to it the account of the foundations 
            of Segovia, Veas, Seville, and Caravaca, 
     ...writes the Visitation of the Nunneries
     2nd June. 
     She begins to write the Interior Castle
     About the end of November 
      the book of the Interior Castle is finished."
           [Foundations: Introduction:
            Annals of the Saint's Life  (excerpts) ]

           End of  the Discussion 
                   of Chapter 19 
                         of the 
            Book of the Foundations
                of S. Teresa of Jesus 
  of the Order of our Lady of Carmel   


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