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The Book of the Foundations - Discussion of Chapter 14 - St. Teresa of Avila - Teresa of Jesus

   The Book of the Foundations
              of S. Teresa of Jesus 
     of the Order of our Lady of Carmel 
      Discussion of Chapter 14 

             Chapter 14 Contents
 - Continuation Of The Foundation 
       Of The First House 
       Of DisCalced Carmelite Friars. 
 - Some Account 
      Of Their Life 
      Of The Improvement 
            Of Those Hamlets 
   To The Honour  And Glory Of God   
  1. S. John of the Cross goes to Duruclo. — 
  2. Fray Antonio resigns the office of prior.— 
  3. Poverty. — 
  4. The houses of Carmel to be poor. — 
  5. The new Carmelite house of friars. — 
  6. Its poverty. — 
  7. The fathers go about preaching. — 
  8. A better house is offered to the friars. — 
  9. The miraculous well in Mancera. — 
10. State of the house in Duruelo. — 
11. The Saint thought the friars
           too severe with themselves.


Church of the Monastery at Duruelo
[The aboveDrawing is from: 

"St Teresa of Jesus of the Order of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
embracing The Life , Relations, Maxims, and  Foundations"
Edited by John J. Burke, C.S.P.



Discussion of Chapter 14 
  Continuation of the account of Duruelo,  
         the first foundation
         of the Discalced Carmelite Friars
  The Fate of Duruelo
  Relocation to Mancera
  The Fate of   Mancera
  St. Teresa advises priests and nuns 
     regarding the futility of  "sumptuous buildings". 

  Continuation of the account of Duruelo,  
         the first foundation
         of the Discalced Carmelite Friars
St. Teresa continues the account of the
  first foundation for the discalced friars.
   of the Carmelite Order.
  This was at Duruelo.
St. Teresa said that 
 after the consent was obtained,
   from the Carmelite Provincial Fathers,

         "I made all the haste I could 
               to begin
           because I was very much afraid 
               that some hindrance might arise".
                        [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #1]  
           Recall from Chapter 13, she said:
             -  "to begin was everything
             -   that God would soon help..."            
                                [ Foundations: Ch. 13: #4 ]
             Likewise, here in chapter 14, 
                in referring to the hardships to be faced
                     in transforming the site into a monastery
                she emphasizes the importance 
                     of the beginning
                when it will be the hardest
                but once confronted and committed
                    "all the difficulty is past" 
                    "and if we make up our minds 
                           to bear it 
                        all the difficulty is past
                        for the whole pain is 
                                 but a little in the beginning
                                        [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #4]  
And so, the Fathers began
         Fray Antonio of  Jesus  
       Fray John of the Cross 
         with the result that:
               "the little house,        
                    which just before 
                 it was not possible to stay in
                    (now) filled with such a spirit..."
                                          [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #10] 
               "The first mass was said.. 
                    Sunday, 28th November 1568,...
                    the first Sunday in Advent"
                                          [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #5 ] 
                          [ Foundations: Ch. 14:  Footnote # 4 ] 
               "They used to go out to preach
                    in many places around 
                where the people needed instruction...
                when they had preached 
                    and heard confessions, 
                came home very late to their meal 
                    in the monastery: 
                                            [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #7] 
               "Neither of them thought 
                    the house in any way bad: 
                 so far from it, 
                 they looked on themselves as settled 
                    in great comfort. 
              "The Father, Fray Antonio has told me
                   that he thought he had now done 
                         forever with the world, 
                         abandoning all things, and 
                         throwing himself into that desert...
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #3]  

                       (He) gladly resigned the priorate *     
                        promised to observe the primitive rule"
                                            [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #2] 
                    * "Fray Antonio was prior of S. Anne, 
                          in Medina del Campo, 
                       a house of the mitigated observance."
                          [ Foundations: Ch. 14: Foot note #2]  
             "Soon after the provincial arrived and made 
                  Fray Antonio,  prior, 
                  Fray John of the Cross,  sub-prior"
                           [ Foundations: Ch. 14: Foot note #4] 
   St. Teresa said of their  monastery church:
              "I was amazed to see the spirit 
               which our Lord had inspired there"
                             [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #5] 
              "Then, when I saw the little house,        
                   which just before 
                it was not possible to stay in
                    filled with such a spirit 
                that, look where I would, 
                    I found matter of edification, 
                and when I heard 
                    of their way of life, 
                    of their mortification and prayer, and 
                    of the good example they were giving...
                I could not give thanks enough
                         to our Lord 
                    in my excessive joy, 
                for I thought I saw a work begun for 
                    the great increase of the order and 
                    the service of our Lord. 
                                          [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #10]

  The Fate of Duruelo
     St. Teresa tells us in Paragraph 8 
         that  Fray Antonio of Jesus,  prior of Duruelo,
     "consented to remove the monastery thither"
         to a new house donated to them in Mancera.
                                        [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #8]

          The 'little house ' in Duruelo, 
               though thus abandoned, 
           was never forgotten in the order, 
            and friars went from Mancera 
               from time to time 
            on a pilgrimage to the place, 
               which they regarded 
             as the cradle of the Reform
            On 28th November 1585, 
                  the (17th) anniversary of the foundation, 
            the monastery of Mancera 
                  went in procession thither, 
            wearing no sandals, with bare feet. 
            The friars were intent 
                 only on celebrating 
            the restoration of the order...
            ...preached a sermon on Genesis 40:13           
              'will remember your service, and   
                 will restore you to your former place'
           but the words were prophetic 
                in another sense, 
          for there grew up a great desire 
                to establish a community in Duruelo,
          and at last the order purchased 
                the place from the heir 
                      of the original donor, 
                to whom it seems to have reverted 
                      on Its abandonment by the friars. 
         The purchase was completed 
               4th September 1612, 
         but it was not till February, 1640, 
               that the chapter of the order 
         admitted the restored foundation 
               among the houses of Carmel 
                               [ Reforma, bk. 11. chs. xl. and xli.]
        At present nothing is left of the chapel,
        but the conventual buildings 
               are used for farming. 
                        [ Foundations: Ch. 14: Foot note #13] 
  [ Blog note: 
     It is said that the Carmelite Order 
          of Discalced Nuns
       built a monastery proximal to this original site
        on July 20, 1947, the feastday of St. Elijah.
             St Maria de las Maravillas Jesus 
               of the  Order of Discalced Carmelites
             was instrumental here 
               and in the expansion
               and restorations of  many Carmelite houses.
      Also, the Carmelite nuns were responsible
             for having chapels built  
         - in 1965 to commemorate this first monastery 
            of the Discalced Carmelite Friars
                and another
         - in 1968 to commemorate St. John of the Cross
                and  the 4th centenary
              of the foundation of the first monastery  ]

   Relocation to Mancera:  

     "A better house is offered to the friars"

      "Don Luis of Toledo,...  
              relative  of the dukes of Alva..."
                        [ Foundations: Ch. 14: Foot note #8] 
             "lord of  the Five Towns...
          offered them better houses and sites".
                                           [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #7]  
       "This nobleman had built a church 
           wherein to put a picture of our Lady
        which was certainly 
            most worthy of veneration... 
        The Father,  Fray Antonio of Jesus...
            having seen the picture, 
            was so struck by it,  
        that he consented 
         to remove the monastery thither
         The name of the place was Mancera

          ...the nobleman  
             - built them  a small  monastery            
                     in keeping with their profession, 
             - gave them the sacred vestments".
                                          [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #8]  
         "The translation was made 
                (relocation and dedication)
               with great solemnity 
            on the feast of  S. Barnabas, 
                11th June 1570... 
           Fray Alonso Gonzalez...
                    [  the Carmelite Provincial Father
                            See foundations: Ch. 13: Footnote #8 ] 
              brought the barefooted friars 
                 in procession 
              from Duruelo to Mancera
                 and then sang the first mass 
                 in the new monastery. 
                              [ Foundations: Ch. 14: Foot note #9]

  The Fate of Mancera:  

            "The health of the fathers 
                  failed them in Mancera, 
              and the bishop of Avila, 
                  Don Lorenzo de Otayud
                      who had a great veneration 
                          for the order, 
              begged them to remove to Avila
              He supplied all that was necessary, 
                  as the founder of the new convent 
             which, after several sites had been tried,   
                  was finally established 
              on the grounds occupied 
                  by the paternal house of S. Teresa.
              A chapel has been built 
                  where she is supposed to have been born,  
              though there are different opinions 
                   as to the exact spot. 
                         [ Foundations: Ch. 14: Foot note #12]  
        [ Blog note:
           Footnote #12 (above) indicates 
             that this foundation was again relocated.
           This time from from Mancera to Avila.

           The Carmelite nuns founded a convent there
              in 1944.

           St Maria de las Maravillas Jesus 
               of the  Order of Discalced Carmelite
           was instrumental in this work. ]

 St. Teresa advises priests and nuns 
     regarding the futility of  "sumptuous buildings".
            "O my God, 
               how little 
                   these buildings 
                   and outward satisfactions 
              furnish for the inner man ! 
              I beg of you, 
                   for the love of Him, 
              my sisters and fathers, 
                   never to be otherwise 
               than most moderate 
                   in the matter of large 
                   and sumptuous buildings: 
               let us remember our true founders, 
                   those holy fathers,  
               from whom we are sprung, 
               for we know it was 
                   by the way of poverty and humility 
               that they attained to the vision of God".
                                        [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #3]  
            "Truly I have seen  
                   greater spirituality 
                         and also 
                   greater inward joy 
                         where bodily conveniences 
                                seemed to be wanting 
                   than I have seen later on 
                                the house was large 
                                the comforts many".
                                 [ Foundations: Ch. 14: #4]  

       End of  the Discussion 
                   of Chapter 14 
                         of the 
            Book of the Foundations
                of S. Teresa of Jesus 
  of the Order of our Lady of Carmel

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