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The Book of the Foundations - Discussion of Chapter 9 - St. Teresa of Avila - Teresa of Jesus

       The Book of the Foundations
                of S. Teresa of Jesus 
     of the Order of our Lady of Carmel 
             Discussion of Chapter 9 

         Chapter    9   Contents 
  She Leaves Medina Del Campo 
       For The Foundation 
   Of  S. Joseph Of Malagon 
 1. Religious observance of Medina  
 2. Dona Luisa de la Cerda.  
 3. The Saint accepts the house 
           offered by Dona Luisa.   
 4. Observance of poverty.   
 5. Foundation, April 11, 1568.

The Monastery at Malagon

The third foundation, Malagon, 
        was in the province of Cuidad Real 
   Discussion of Chapter 9 
Previously, in chapter 3,  
     St. Teresa  described
the founding of the Monastery 
     at Medina Del Campo 
 in 15 August, 1567.
         Similar, to the first foundation
             of the Monastery of St. Joseph in Avila,
         the nuns at Medina Del Campo  
             - observed "all religious observances, 
                    sisterly love, and spirituality"
             - were of those "whom our Lord seems 
                    to have chosen Himself"
                    [ Foundations: Ch. 9: #1 ]
The next 5 intervening chapters contain her advice
   to the Prioresses of the Monasteries 
regarding various topics, 
   such as, prayer,  visions, melancholy, etc.
Now, in chapter 9, she writes: 
"How I have wandered from my purpose ! 
  and yet some of the advice 
    I have given 
  may be more to the  purpose 
  than the account of the foundations".
                  [ Foundations: Ch. 9: #1 ]
St. Teresa now returns to the 
  "account of the Foundations":
This chapter  relates the story of the foundation 
   of the Monastery at Malagon    
which was established on 11 April, 1568:
"I had been staying 
    by the commandment of my superiors"
at the home of  Dona Luisa de la Cerda 
  - who, "on account of her husband's death,
              was in such extreme affliction"
  - who requested of St. Teresa's superiors
       that Sr. Teresa of  Jesus come to stay with her.
                             [ See Life, ch. XXXIV: #I ]
Dona Luisa de la Cerda asked St. Teresa 
 to found a monastery in Malagon.
After consulting with her Confessor,
    Fray Dominic Banez, and others,
  St. Teresa finally agreed.
   She was initially concerned  
       " because I should be forced to accept
             an endowment for our maintenance
          and I had a very great dislike to do that".
                         [ Foundations: Ch. 9: #2 ]
  Her Confessor and "learned men" told her
    - that she ought not 
          "give up the foundation of a house 
          wherein our Lord might be so well served"
    - that "the holy council (of Trent)
          authorised  the possession of revenues"
                            [ Foundations: Ch. 9: #3]
  So, during the planning for this foundation,
   St. Teresa "insisted 
      - that no nun should possess 
            anything of her own, 
      - on the perfect observance 
            of the constitutions 
        as in other houses founded in poverty"
                               [ Foundations: Ch. 9: #4 ]
 This monastery was established 
       "On Palm Sunday, [11th April] 1568".  
 "...the parishioners came in procession 
      to receive us,...and 
 the Most Holy Sacrament 
      was carried into our monastery".
 "One day in prayer, after Communion, 
      I heard our Lord say 
 that He would be greatly honoured 
      in that house".
I think I was there not quite two months,
      for I was pressed in spirit 
to found the house in Valladolid"
            [ Foundations: Ch. 9: #5 ]

Blog note:

In Chapter 9: FootNote #6, 
   the editor seems to be advising 
that  the location of this monastery 
   was "not conducive to recollection"
 and so, was later changed:
   "The foundation took place 
        in a large house adjoining the plaza mayor, 
     but its situation was not conducive to recollection
     "Consequently another site was chosen..."
    "Consequently the convent was completed 
         in time for the inauguration to take place 
     on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 
         8th December 1579

     S. Teresa remained there till 
         the middle   of February 180. 
     This was her eighth and last visit to Malagon."
                         [ Chapter 9: FootNote #6 ]

             End of  the Discussion 
                   of Chapter 9 
                          of the 
           Book of the Foundations
                of S. Teresa of Jesus 

   of the Order of our Lady of Carmel    

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