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The Foundations - St. Teresa of Avila - Teresa of Jesus

The Book Of The Foundations

of St. Teresa Of Jesus
of the Order of Our Lady Of Carmel

The Visitation Of Nunneries
The Rule And Constitutions

Written By Herself

Translated From The Spanish 

      By David Lewis

                 Title  Description
The Book of the Foundations by St. Teresa 
     of Avila
The Foundation of the Convent
 of St. Joseph at Granada
By the Ven. Mother 
    Anne of Jesus
The Visitation of Nunneries
The Carmelite Rule
The Constitutions
Appendix I Patent 
For The Foundation
Of Two Convents 
of Discalced Friars
Appendix II
Appendix III
Appendix IV

      Chapters             Contents


 by David Lewis 
 by the Very Rev. Benedict Zimmerman, 
  OCD Discalced Carmelite

 Annals of the 
  Saint's Life



 How this and the other Foundations
  came to be made

 The General of the Order comes to Avila.
 Results of his Visit


 How the Monastery of S. Joseph
  in Medina del Campo was begun


 Of certain Graces bestowed on the Nuns
  of these Monasteries.

 Advice to the Prioresses
  concerning them


 Directions about Prayer and Revelations
  most profitable for the Active Life


 Of the harm it may do Spiritual Persons
  not to know
  when they are to resist the Spirit.

 Of the desire for Communion,
  and of Delusions involved in it


 Treatment of Melancholy Nuns


 Of Revelations and Visions


 The Foundation of St. Joseph, Malagon


 The Foundation at Valladolid of the
  Monastery of the Conception
  of our Lady of Carmel


 Dona Casilda de Padilla


 Life and Death of Beatriz
  of the Incarnation


 The Foundation of the First House of
  Friars under the Primitive Rule,
  a.d. 1567


 Foundation of the Monastery of the
  Barefooted Friars in Duruelo.

 The Labours of the Friars there


 The Foundation of the Monastery
  of St. Joseph in Toledo, 1569


 Of certain things that took place
  in the Monastery of Toledo,
  to the Honour and Glory of God


 The Two Monasteries
  of Pastrana, 1569


 The Monastery of St. Joseph,
  Salamanca, Founded in 1570

 Weighty Counsels for Prioresses


 Monastery of St. Joseph, Salamanca


 The Monastery of our Lady of the
  Annunciation, Alba de Tormes,
  in the year 1571

 The Monastery of S. Joseph, Segovia.
  Founded on the Feast of St. Joseph,


 The Foundation of the Monastery
  of the Glorious St. Joseph
  de Salvador in Veas,
  on the Feast of S. Mathias, 1575


 The Foundation of the Monastery
   of the Glorious St. Joseph
   of Carmel in the City of Seville.

 The First Mass said on the Feast
  of the Most Holy Trinity, 1576.


 The Foundation of the Monastery
  of the Glorious St. Joseph
  of Carmel in the City of Seville.

 The First Mass said on the Feast
  of the Most Holy Trinity, 1575


 The Foundation of the Glorious
  St. Joseph Of Seville Continued.

 What Happened When Getting A
  House Of Our Own.


 Continuation of the same foundation
  of St. Joseph in the City of Seville.

 Relates some very noteworthy doings
  concerning the first nun
  who entered there


 The foundation in the city of Caravaca.

 The Blessed Sacrament is reserved
  on New Year's day of the same year
 It bears the title of the glorious
  Saint Joseph


 The Foundation of Villanueva
  de la Jara


 The Foundation of S. Joseph
  of Our Lady of La Calle in Palencia,
  on the feast of King David,
  in the Year 1580


 The Foundation of the Monastery
  of The Most Holy Trinity in Soria,
  in the year 1581.

 The first Mass said on the feast of
  our Father, St. Eliseus


 The Foundation of the glorious
  St. Joseph of St. Anne in the city
  of Burgos is begun.

 The first Mass is said 19 April 1582,
  octave of the feast of the Resurrection

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